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Building RagWing Special #327
Carlos Gurr builder

This set of web pages is my builders log, of how I did mine. I am not an engineer and I did not follow Roger Mann's plans to the letter. The changes that I made are either my ideas or adapted from other plans, but are not tested on this design, so therefore I recomend that you built to the plans of whatever design you choose. Please use this web page as a source to see how I did mine and for that purpose only, please enjoy.

After reading the article on the RagWing Special in Kitplanes(C)Magazine. I fell in love, A plane that was that cute, could be built for less than $5,000 and approx. build time of 400 hours, WOW. I received RagWing Special #327 plans spring 97, and didn't plan to build for some time, as I had other projects going. After reading posts to the RagWing email list, I couldn't stand by and watch, so in Jan 98, I bought some spruce and ripped it into 1/4" square and made a rib jig. I was traveling almost two weeks a month for my work, so I would build 2 or 3 ribs a week in my hotel room,(I'll bet the maids were curious). I had about a dozen done before I changed jobs.

After changing jobs I was home more so time has been devoted to the other projects that haven't been done. I occasionally would build a rib in the evening, until I ran out of wood.

Jan 99

I started to build kitchen cabinets for my other project and while buying some Oak, I ran into a good source for Sitka and bought a few of boards and ripped them into 1/4" square,3/4" square, 1" x 3/4" and 5/16" x 3/4". I built a 4' x 12' table in an unfinished basement storage room and out of the cold garage. Really nice for glueing cabinet face-frames and not bad for RagWings either.

Most of my work has been 15 minutes at a time, it is amazing how much you can get done working this way, that's only 1/4 of a sit-com.

Oct 2001

At this point I have all ribs, spars, vertical and horizontal tail surfaces and both fuselage sides built and the left lower wing nearly done.

My project is on Hold again waiting for other priorities.
How is yours coming?!!!


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